How to Write a Paragraph Activities: Digital & Print Resource

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This digital & print foundational paragraph writing resource is just what you need if your students are struggling with understanding paragraph writing. The activities in this how to write a paragraph product covers topic sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences with critical thinking, leveled activities. This resource allows for easy planning & easy teaching that leads to effective learning.

This resource includes high-interest, informational texts, leveled topics & activities, graphic organizers, checklists, and a review sheet!

▶️ Multi-modality-based learning is an effective way to reach all students. That's why we encourage you to watch our paired teaching video lesson on how to write a paragraph for a complete lesson!

**After using this resource with the paired video teaching lesson your students will be able to write and edit complete paragraphs with less support from you!

Who is it for?
  • Perfect for students in grades 3-5
  • This resource is easy to implement for students of different levels and abilities
  • Great for mixed groups, small group lessons, and individual sessions
  • Easy to use within intervention support services, special education services, & speech and language therapy sessions!

Resource Information:
  • ✅  This product is best used alongside the free Writing a Paragraph video ▶️.
  • ✅  Includes leveled topics and activities to ensure that this resource can be used with students of all abilities.
  • ✅  Choose a level for your student OR have them complete all 5 topics as their paragraph writing skills develop
  • ✅  Digital and Print Activities include:
  • Underlying each part of a paragraph within 3 different informational texts 
  • The remainder of the activities are divided up into 5 different topics (cooking, slime, bees, toys, and astronauts).
  • The topics are arranged in order of complexity based on vocabulary and sentence structure within the activities
  • Each topic contains the same 4 activities that are arranged in a hierarchy based on the level of difficulty
  • Sort parts of a paragraph onto an organizer
  • Fill in the topic sentence & concluding sentence when given supporting details on an organizer
  • Fill in the supporting details when given a topic and concluding sentence on an organizer
  • Fill in all the parts of a paragraph given a topic on an organizer. Then, use the organizer to write a complete paragraph on the provided writing paper. A checklist with drag & drop checkmarks is included on the writing paper to allow students to edit their paragraphs
  • ✅  The review pages can be paired with the Writing a Paragraph video to check your students’ understanding of this skill or sent home as homework.
  • ✅  Blank graphic organizers and writing paper are included for students to practice writing complete paragraphs for this resource or during other academic activities.

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