How to Write a Sentence: Digital and Print activities for subject, verb, capital, punctuation

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This Foundations of Sentence writing DIGITAL & PRINTABLE resource helps to engage students when teaching them how to write simple sentences. This resource will help students develop a true understanding of the parts of a sentence including subject, verb, capitalization, and punctuation, and help them write complete sentencesThis foundational sentence writing resource allows for easy teaching and easy planning which will lead to effective learning.

This resource includes leveled practice activities, parts of a sentence anchor charts, visual supports and a visual checklist, practice writing paper, and review activities!

Through critical thinking activities, your students will get lots of practice opportunities with subject, verb, capitalization, and punctuation. 

▶️ Multi-modality-based learning is an effective way to reach all students. That's why we encourage you and your students to watch our paired teaching video on How to Write a Sentence for a complete lesson!

**After using this resource with the paired video teaching lesson your students will be able to write complete sentences and explain the 4 important parts of a sentence with less support from you!

Who is it for?
  • Students in grades 1-4 
  • Students who are learning to write
  • Students who write incomplete sentences
  • Great for small group lessons and independent work 
  • Use within Special Education services, intervention services, and Speech and Language therapy sessions!

Resource Information:

✅  This product is best used alongside the How to Write a Sentence video

✅  Digital and printable resource activities include:
  • Counting sentences in short paragraphs
  • Identifying the subject & verb in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
  • Identifying the capital & punctuation in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
  • Sorting sentences by missing parts: subject or verb
  • Sorting sentences by missing parts: capital or punctuation
  • Fixing incomplete sentences (multiple choice & open response)
  • BONUS: Digital, interactive task cards for fixing incomplete sentences are also included. Separate links for the Google Slides Digital Task Cards are provided in the Table of Contents
  • Sentence Challenge: Finding & fixing missing parts in paragraphs 
  • Writing sentences about photos (word bank & open response)
  • Drawing pictures based on a question & writing sentences about the drawings
  • Answer Key

✅  A checklist with drag & drop checkmarks is included in most activities to help students think critically about sentences and make sure the sentences are complete with subject, verb, capitalization, and punctuation

✅  Review activities can be paired with the How to Write a Sentence video to check your students’ understanding of this skill or sent home as homework.


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