How to Write a Thank you Note for Holiday Cards

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Use these template thank-you notes to help your students learn how to write a thank-you card. This engaging resource provides step-by-step scaffolded activities to support your student's writing. Choose from 8 thank you card holiday designs including non-specific holiday themes, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. As well as fill-in-the-blank thank-you card options. 

This Thank You Note resource includes differentiated activities, thank you card anchor charts, visual supports and a visual checklist, practice writing paper, and multiple final draft design options in both color and black and white! 

▶️ Multi-modality-based learning is an effective way to reach all students. That's why we encourage you and your students to watch our paired teaching video on How to Write a Thank You Note for a complete lesson on the GRASPhopper YouTube Channel! 

**After using this resource with the paired video teaching lesson your students will be able to write thank you cards and label the parts of a thank you card with less support from you

Who is it for?

  • Students in grades 1-5 
  • Students who are learning to write
  • Great for groups, classrooms, or independent work 
  • Use within General Education Classrooms, Homeschool, Special Education services, intervention services, and Speech and Language therapy sessions!

The Writing Thank You Notes Resource Information:

✅  This product is best used alongside the How to Write a Thank You Note video

✅  Digital and printable thank you card activities include:

  • Labeling Parts of a Thank You Note: Labeling an already written thank you note
  • Who Organizer: Brainstorming who to write a thank you card to
    • A differentiated graphic organizer is provided
  • What Organizer: Generating ideas of what to write in the thank you note
    • A differentiated graphic organizer is provided
  • Draft Paper: Students will form sentences from the ideas on their graphic organizer to draft a thank you note. Students will use the checklist to make sure that they included each part of a thank you note 
    • Differentiated: Choose from multiple drafting paper options based on the needs of your students (2 different line types, 2 different text formats) 
    • Fill in the blank option is provided
  • Thank You Note: Students will publish their thank you note on a design of their choosing. Options include full-page or greeting card-style paper and various holiday designs 
    • Differentiated: Each design includes the format with words and sentence stems already written
    • Designs include non-specific holiday themes, Christmas, Hanukkah, and kwanza themes

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