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Putting the GRASP in GRASPhopper

Our goal is to help you create an optimal learning experience for your students by minimizing repetition and maximizing engagement. Our resources are designed to be easy to use and seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, ensuring that your students learn and retain information effectively.

We’re so glad you hopped on by our site. You’re one step closer to escaping the endless cycle of planning and finally reclaiming your life outside of teaching. We’re here to help you achieve that elusive work-life balance and become the envy of all your teaching buddies.

Maybe you’re looking for… 

  • Done for you differentiated resources to meet the needs of ALL of your students 
  • Writing resources that break down skills into easy-to-follow steps to transform students from confused to confident writers
  • Seasonal and holiday resources that allow you to create engaging learning experiences without spending your spare time planning and prepping during busy times
  • Tips to support your students’ language and comprehension skills
  • Teaching videos so that you can rest your voice and sip that coffee before it gets cold as your students are learning
  • Versatile activities that can be used across your day for independent work, whole or small group activities, and even centers

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Our Story

As speech-language pathologists, we totally get the importance of language skills when it comes to reading and writing. While working together in a k-8 school, straight out of the Big Apple, we saw firsthand that teachers were struggling to teach students with a wide range of abilities. And we thought, “We can help with that!”
We’re like the detectives of language, always on the hunt for ways to make learning more accessible.

That’s why we create resources, videos, and blog posts to share our expertise with you! This approach benefits struggling students, but it also creates a more inclusive and supportive learning environment that can improve outcomes for all learners. It’s a win-win situation.

We think our unique perspective as speech-language pathologists can really make a difference in the lives of both students and educators. So let’s work together to help all of your students succeed!

Get a grasp 

Hey there, it’s Stacey! – the eternal seeker of a work-life balance. I’m a school-based SLP by day and resource creator extraordinaire by night. When the work week finally ends, it’s time for a cozy night in with my cat and husband. We can often be found scouring Netflix for that perfect show, but let’s be real, it usually ends with us on YouTube watching animals do cute or ridiculous things. Between work and family life, I manage to squeeze in some joy for myself by organizing our weekly meal plan (Type A over here) and learning the art of tap dancing!
Hey, it’s me, Jamie! So, in 2022, I decided to shake things up and head out to Colorado. Before that big move, I was a NYC school-based SLP by day, and a resource-creating machine by night as the co-founder of GRASPhopper. I loved city life with all its endless food options and long walks, but I’ve been having an absolute blast going on long hikes and getting in touch with nature out here. And speaking of GRASPhopper, I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work on it full-time. Supporting educators and making a difference in classrooms across the globe has always been a passion of mine, so being able to do it on a daily basis is an absolute dream come true.

Here are some fun facts about Jamie and Stacey:  

  • Although they grew up in the same town, fate kept them apart until they finally crossed paths. 
  • They may have gone to rival football colleges in Florida, but they have a shared love for oranges (and the occasional touchdown).
  • Jamie and Stacey were coworkers at the same school for not one, not two, but THREE whole years!
  • You know what they say: friends who love Taylor Swift together, stay together! And these two Swifties are no exception.
  • Jamie and Stacey’s pun game is on point – so don’t be surprised if you find yourself rolling your eyes and chuckling at the same time.

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