How to Write a Paragraph

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This “How to Write a Paragraph for Kids” video is an exciting and interactive video that introduces young learners to the art of writing engaging paragraphs. Designed specifically for kids, this video takes a playful and informative approach to help children develop the skills necessary to create well-structured and captivating paragraphs.

In this video, children will be  guided through each step of the paragraph writing process. Through this engaging video and relatable examples, kids will discover the joy of expressing their thoughts and ideas in writing.

Key topics of the video include:


      1. What is a paragraph?: Kids will learn about what a paragraph is and where they can find paragraphs in real life!

      1. Topic Sentences: Kids will learn where and how to write a topic sentence that clearly conveys the main idea of a paragraph. Through picture scenes and relatable topics, children will grasp the importance of focusing on a central theme.

      1. Supporting Details: Children will explore how to provide supporting details that enhance their main idea and make their writing more interesting. Through fun exercises and visual cues, kids will learn to include relevant facts, examples, and descriptive details to support their thoughts.

      1. Adding a concluding sentence: Children will understand the significance of concluding their paragraphs effectively. Through playful demonstrations and interactive prompts, they will discover how to wrap up their writing with a concise summary or a thought-provoking ending.

    Whether used in the classroom or for independent learning, this video provides children with the tools they need to become confident and skilled paragraph writers. By the end of the video, kids will be equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to express their ideas in clear and cohesive paragraphs, unlocking their creativity and fostering a love for writing.

    Join GRASPhopper on this exciting writing adventure, and watch your child’s writing skills flourish! Get ready to write awesome paragraphs with confidence and have fun along the way!

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    Today’s lesson is an introduction to writing a complete and organized paragraph.


    A paragraph is a group of sentences that focuses on one main idea. 


    Pick up a book and you are bound to see a paragraph; You can find them in places like websites, letters and more! 


    There are different parts to a paragraph just like there are different parts to a hamburger.  


    The fly is for you GRASPhopper.


    The first part of a paragraph is like the top bun of the burger. This is where you will write the topic sentence. This sentence introduces what the paragraph will be about.


    It’s time to write a paragraph about grasshoppers. First, I take out my organizer. Hmm, what do I know about grasshoppers? 


    I got it- Grasshoppers eat many different types of food.


    Now you give it a try.


    On your organizer, write a topic sentence about playgrounds.


    The next part are the supporting details. These are like the lettuce, tomato, and meat parts of the burger. You will write them after the topic sentence. Details are examples that support the main idea of the paragraph.


    Let’s see how this works. 


    I need to describe the different foods that grasshoppers eat. I’ll add the details to my organizer. 


    One type of food they eat are leaves. 

    They also like to eat flies.

    Another type of food  they eat is grass.

    These details support my topic sentence.


    Now you give it a try.


    On your organizer, write 3 supporting details about playgrounds.


    The last part is the concluding sentence. This is like the bottom bun of the burger. You will write it after the supporting details. The concluding sentence restates the topic sentence. 


    Let’s look at the topic sentence. Hmmm, how can I restate this?  I know, Grasshoppers eat different foods.


    Now you Give it a try.


    On your organizer, write a concluding sentence about playgrounds.


    The organizer is finished, let’s use it to write a complete paragraph on our writing paper.   


    Now you give it a try.


    Don’t forget your organizer! 


    Great job completing this lesson!


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