Supporting Details Foundations Unit: Digital & Print

Improve your students’ ability to identify supporting details in paragraphs with our comprehensive and differentiated resource. Whether your students are struggling or need an extra challenge, this supporting details lesson is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our supporting details activities are designed to be flexible and convenient. They can be used as digital worksheets or easily printed for classroom use, making it adaptable for any teaching environment.

What sets us apart is the inclusion of our Supporting Details teaching video that supports multi-modality-based learning, making it an effective tool to reach and engage all students.

After utilizing our resource and paired teaching video lesson, you’ll witness your students’ progress firsthand. They will become more proficient at identifying and writing supporting details in paragraphs, gaining independence and confidence in their abilities.

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  • Perfect for students in grades 3-6
  • This resource is easy to implement for students of different levels and abilities.
  • Mixed groups
  • Whole class lessons
  • Small group lessons
  • Classroom teachers
  • Special education teachers or services
  • Speech therapy sessions
  • Homeschool
  • …and much more!
*PLEASE NOTE: This resource opens in Google Slides™. You can print the document by downloading it as a PDF from Google Slide™ or use it digitally.
  • Teaching Video: Play our Supporting Details video to engage students to help them learn and practice identifying supporting details.
  • 50 Pages: Multiple pages of supporting detail practice activities. These activities help to further develop and strengthen your student’s understanding of supporting details.
  • The Differentiated Activities Include:
    •  LEVEL 1
      • Identifying the supporting details in pictures: multiple choice
      • Identifying the supporting details in paragraphs: multiple choice
      • Finding details that don’t belong in paragraphs: multiple choice
      • Determining additional supporting details for paragraphs: multiple choice
    • LEVEL 2
      • Identifying the supporting details in pictures: open-response
      • Identifying the supporting details in paragraphs: open-response
      • Finding details that don’t belong in paragraphs: open-response
      • Determining additional supporting details for paragraphs: open-response
  • Anchor Charts:  Included in the resource are supporting details anchor charts to help your students understand steps they can take to identify supporting details.
  • Checklists: Checklists are included for students to use when completing the activities. Checklists are available to print as well as digital moveable checks on each activity page.
  • Graphic Organizers: Use the blank topic sentence and supporting details organizers to practice these tasks in the paragraphs provided or in other academic activities.
  • Review Page: Paired with the Supporting Details video to check your students’ understanding of this skill.

Hear what educators are saying…


This was a great resource for my mixed groups! It really helped to break down the concepts for my students to understand!
— Jeri B.


My students loved using this in the classroom every day.
— T.B.H.


There are also videos online! Awesome
— Crystal Parent

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