Winter Sentence Writing Differentiated Activities Digital and Print

Boost your students’ sentence writing abilities this winter with our comprehensive winter sentence writing resource. Designed to provide essential support in sentence construction, this resource offers interactive activities that will help your students grasp the fundamentals of sentences, including subjects, verbs, capitalization, and punctuation. With the aid of this resource, your students will confidently write complete, simple sentences.

This resource goes beyond basic instruction by incorporating winter-themed differentiated activities, visual aids, a helpful checklist for identifying the components of a sentence, practice writing paper, and a convenient review sheet. Your students will have ample opportunities to practice their sentence writing skills while immersing themselves in the winter theme.

We advocate for multi-modality-based learning, which has proven to be an effective approach for reaching every student. To further enhance your teaching experience and ensure a complete lesson on sentence writing, we encourage you and your students to watch our paired teaching video.

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  • Perfect for students in grades k-2
  • Students who are beginning to learn how to write sentences
  • Students who present with challenges writing sentences
  • Mixed groups
  • Small groups
  • Whole class lessons
  • Independent work
  • General education teachers
  • Special education services
  • Speech therapy
  • RTI
  • Homeschool
  • …and much more!
*PLEASE NOTE: This resource opens in Google Slides™. You can print the document by downloading it as a PDF from Google Slide™ or use it digitally.

  • Teaching Video: Play our How to Write a Sentence teaching video to engage students to help them learn and practice writing sentences.
  • 24 Pages: Winter sentence writing activities that go along with the teaching video. The activities help to further develop and strengthen your student’s understanding of how to write a sentence.
  • Winter Sentence Writing Activities Include: 
    • Counting sentences in short paragraphs
    • Identifying the subject & verb in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
    • Identifying the capital & punctuation in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
    • Sorting sentences by missing parts: subject or verb
    • Sorting sentences by missing parts: capital or punctuation
    • Fixing incomplete sentences (multiple choice & open response)
    • Fixing incomplete sentences (multiple choice & open response):
      • BONUS: Digital task card interactive version
    • Writing sentences about photos (word bank & open response)
    • Drawing pictures based on a question & writing sentences about the drawings
  • Checklists: Checklists are included for students to use when completing the sentence writing activities. Checklists are available to print as well as digital moveable checks on each activity page.
  • Anchor Charts: Sentence writing anchor charts are provided to help students identify the parts of a sentence.
  • Review Page: Paired with the How to Write a Sentence video to check your student’s understanding of this skill.
  • Answer Keys: An answer key is provided for all of the sentence writing worksheets

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