The Best Paragraph Writing Worksheets for 5th Grade

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When our students reach fifth grade, it’s a really pivotal time in their writing journey. At this stage of school, we introduce them to the four primary writing styles. Our goal is to help them grasp the differences and patterns within each form of writing.

These four common forms of writing taught in 5th grade are: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive.

But what happens if you have 5th grade students still struggling to understand and write the parts of a paragraph?

That’s where we come in! We have some awesome 5th grade writing worksheets to share with you that literally have everything you need to help your students understand the parts of a paragraph. 

We even included a FREE writing checklist, graphic organizers, and writing paper for you!

5th grade writing worksheets for teaching paragraphs

5th Grade Writing Expectations

By 5th grade, students should be able to write a really descriptive paragraph. What we typically see is that this is the grade in which the strong writers emerge with tons of creative thinking and wonderful ideas for their writing and this is where the weaker writers will really struggle because of all the writing expectations of upper elementary as they prepare for middle school.

Sometimes we need to use some writing resources to help supplement the curriculum to meet the needs of our writers who need extra help.

Enter the perfect resource below…

5th Grade Writing Worksheets for Paragraph Writing

In order to help upper elementary students write an amazing paragraph, we created a special paragraph writing resource that has everything you need to help students in upper elementary understand how to write a great paragraph.

You can stop stressing over lessons for your struggling writers and help guide them in an effective way with the Paragraph Writing Differentiated Bundle!

Using the activities in this bundle will help keep students engaged and provide true clarity on the essentials of writing a paragraph. It’s full of differentiation and interactive activities for your 5th graders.

5th grade worksheets differentiated for paragraph writing

We are talking checklists, review sheets, leveled topics and activities, graphic organizers, high-interest texts, reference sheets, anchor charts, teaching posters, complete answer keys and more!

This resource is explicitly broken up into teaching the foundation parts of a paragraph:

  • topic sentence
  • supporting details
  • concluding sentence
  • transition words

After using this resource, your students will be experts at identifying and understanding the parts of a paragraph with less support from you! 

How to Use the 5th Grade Writing Worksheets for Paragraphs

We recommend using the worksheets and teaching lessons in a variety of ways, depending on your student’s needs. These writing worksheets can be used for individual, small group, or whole group instruction.

They are differentiated to easily meet the needs of your students’ different writing abilities and are available to use digitally on the Smartboard through Google Slides or you can print if you want.

They are perfect for the general education classroom, special education classroom, speech and language and ESL learners. This Paragraph Writing Bundle is also perfect for students in 3rd-6th grade.

5th grade writing worksheets differentiated

FREE 5th Grade Paragraph Writing Worksheets

Use this Paragraph Writing Freebie to have students check their writing for the important parts.

The FREE checklist has students make sure that their paragraph includes a topic sentence, 3 supporting details, and a concluding sentence.

We suggest you laminate these or throw them in a page protector and have 5th graders keep them at their desk for the year to re-use over and over again.

This FREEBIE for 5th grade writing also comes with differentiated options for a graphic organizer. We like to teach students that writing a paragraph is much like building a cheeseburger and our free graphic organizer is a great visual example of that:

free 5th grade writing paragraph graphic organizer

Last but note least, this 5th grade writing freebie comes with writing paper for your students to use and write their rough draft on!

More Resources for Paragraph Writing in 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade:

Remember, patience and consistent encouragement can work wonders with fifth graders who struggle with paragraph writing. Keep providing examples, practice opportunities and supportive feedback to help them gain confidence and improve their skills over time.

Every step forward counts!

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