Halloween Activity Bundle with Sentence Writing, Story Retell and More to Come!

Discover an exciting approach to teaching literacy with our Halloween Bell Ringer bundle! Whether you prefer digital or print resources, this bundle has you covered. Engage your students with our Halloween Sentence Writing, Halloween Story Retell, and Halloween Language materials that are sure to engage them.

We understand that teaching literacy can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve designed this resource to make your job easier and stress-free. Accompanying video lessons provide a perfect complement to the materials, ensuring seamless instruction for you and your students.

Also, great for literacy centers!


If you’re looking for engaging ways to teach literacy, this Halloween activity bundle is just what you need. This digital & print GROWING bundle includes our: Halloween Sentence Writing and Halloween Story Retell resources. Help students develop their understanding of beginning middle, end with the Halloween-themed story retell resource support. Also help students develop their comprehension of capitals, punctuation, subject and verb with the Halloween-themed sentence writing product.


  • Perfect for students in grades k-3
  • Mixed groups
  • Small groups
  • Whole class lessons
  • Independent work
  • General education teachers
  • Special education services
  • Speech therapy
  • RTI
  • Homeschool
  • …and much more!
*PLEASE NOTE: This resource opens in Google Slides™. You can print the document by downloading it as a PDF from Google Slide™ or use some of the resources digitally.

*This comprehensive bundle combines three distinct resources into one cohesive product, offered at a discounted price.
  • 1. Halloween Sentence Writing
    • Teaching video on How to Write a Sentence
    • Differentiated activities include:
      • Counting sentences in short paragraphs
      • Identifying the subject & verb in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
      • Identifying the capital & punctuation in sentences (multiple choice & open response)
      • Sorting sentences by missing parts: subject or verb
      • Sorting sentences by missing parts: capital or punctuation
      • Fixing incomplete sentences (multiple choice & open response)
      • Fixing incomplete sentences (multiple choice & open response): Digital task card interactive version.
      • Writing sentences about photos (word bank & open response)
      • Drawing pictures based on a question & writing sentences about the drawings
    • Anchor Charts
    • Review activity
    • Check it out HERE
  • 2. Halloween Story Retell
    • Teaching video on How to Retell a Story
    • Leveled activities:
      • Understanding Beginning, Middle, and End
      • Picture Sequencing and Retell
      • Short Story Sequencing and Retell
      • Paragraph Sequencing and Retell
      • Writing a Retell From Pictures
    • Anchor Charts
    • Check it out HERE
  • 3. Halloween Language Activities: 
    • Teaching video on Halloween Vocabulary
    • 5 different Halloween-themed activities:
      • 5 Vocabulary Cut and Glue Activities
      • 5 Vocabulary Mini Word Books
      • 5 Following Directions Scenes
      • 5 Listening Comprehension Stories
      • 5 Writing a Sentence about Halloween Picture Scenes
      • 5 Writing a Story about a Halloween Picture Scene
    • Check it out HERE

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