How to Write a Sentence: Subject, Verb, Capital, and Punctuation

Engage your students in writing sentences with our comprehensive Foundations of Sentence Writing resource, available in both digital and printable formats. This resource is designed to develop a true understanding of sentence structure, including the subject, verb, capitalization, and punctuation, ultimately enabling students to craft complete sentences

Equipped with leveled practice sentence building activities, parts of a sentence anchor charts, visual supports, checklists, practice writing paper, and engaging review activities, our resource provides a well-rounded approach to sentence writing.

Through critical thinking activities, your students will have ample opportunities to practice subject-verb agreement, capitalize appropriately, and punctuate sentences correctly.

BUNDLE & SAVE $: Parts of a Sentence Bundle


  • Students in grades 1-4 
  • Students who are learning to write
  • Students who write incomplete sentences
  • Small group lessons 
  • Independent work 
  • Whole classroom lessons
  • Special Education services
  • Speech and language therapy 
  • Homeschool
  • …and so much more!
*PLEASE NOTE: This resource opens in Google Slides™. You can print the document by downloading it as a PDF from Google Slide™ or use it digitally.

  • Teaching Video: Play our How to Write a Sentence video to engage students to help them learn and practice writing sentences.
  • 58 Pages: Multiple pages of practice activities are included that go along with the How to Write a Sentence teaching video. The activities help to further develop and strengthen your students’ understanding of sentence writing!
  • Sentence Writing Activities Include: 
    • Counting sentences in short paragraphs
    • Identifying the subject & verb in sentences (differentiated: multiple choice & open response)
    • Determining the capital & punctuation in sentences (differentiated: multiple choice & open response)
    • Sorting sentences by missing parts: subject or verb
    • Sorting sentences by missing parts: capital or punctuation
    • Fixing incomplete sentences (differentiated: multiple choice & open response)
      • BONUS: Digital, self-correcting, interactive task cards for fixing incomplete sentences are also included. Separate links for the Google Slides Digital Task Cards are provided in the Table of Contents
    • Sentence Challenge: Finding & fixing missing parts in paragraphs 
    • Writing sentences about photos (word bank & open response)
    • Drawing pictures based on a question & writing sentences about the drawings
  • Anchor Charts: The resource includes sentence writing anchor charts that help your students understand each part of a sentence and how to build a sentence.
  • Checklists: Checklists are included for students to use when completing the activities. Checklists are available to print as well as digital moveable checks on most activity pages to help students think critically about sentences and make sure the sentences are complete with subject, verb, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Writing Paper: Blank writing paper is provided for students to practice writing sentences.
  • Review Page: Multiple pages for reviewing sentence writing. Included is a review page that is paired with the How to Write a Sentence video to check your students’ understanding of this skill or to send home as homework.

Hear what educators are saying…


I noticed my 5th grade students really did not grasp what was included in a complete sentence. A few days of working through this and they have fully mastered it. Thank you!
— T.E.E


This is an excellent resource. Used in 1:1 sessions with students who struggle with writing. Excellent tool and activities.
— R.R.


Another great resource! I used this resource to begin to teach my students sentence structure. The resource really broke down what a sentence is. There are various levels to meet all of my students abilities. My students had an easy time navigating and using this product remotely. They loved this product so much they asked to use it again! I also found it helpful to have the directions of each section at the beginning of the section so I knew when I could put the presentation into present mode. When asking the students to write their own sentences, the resource had very engaging and detail-fulled pictures. There was even an area where the students could upload their own image to write about! Highly recommend this resource.
— S.G.R.


This was a great comprehensive writing and learning activity for my students.
— Katie G.


Great resource and my students were engaged while doing it!
— C.C.


The slides were so helpful and in depth. My students really got the hang of sentence writing with this lesson.
— Ashley G.

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