Story Retell Activities and Sequencing (Print & Digital)

Sequencing with pictures is a crucial skill for students who need additional support with story retell activities. This 70 page comprehensive Foundations of Story Retell resource is specifically designed to engage students while teaching them how to retell simple stories with a clear beginning, middle, and end. With a focus on sequencing with pictures, this leveled resource, allows students to develop a true understanding of story retell using transition words and a logical sequence.

Included in this resource is a Story Retell teaching video and a variety of story retell activities that specifically target sequencing with pictures. Students will also have access to engaging writing activities, visual supports, anchor charts, and graphic organizers, all provided in both black and white and color.

You can empower your students with strong sequencing skills using this Foundations of Story Retell resource and help them become proficient storytellers.

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  • Perfect for students in grades k-2
  • Students who are beginning to learn how to retell stories
  • Students who present with challenges in telling sequential stories
  • Mixed groups
  • Small groups
  • Whole class lessons
  • Independent work
  • General education teachers
  • Special education services
  • Speech therapy
  • RTI
  • Homeschool
  • …and much more!
*PLEASE NOTE: This resource opens in Google Slides™. You can print the document by downloading it as a PDF from Google Slide™ or use it digitally.

  • Teaching Video: Play the included Story Retell video to engage students to help them learn and practice sequencing the beginning, middle, and end.
  • 70 Pages: Multiple pages of practice activities are included that go along with the teaching video. They help to further develop and strengthen your students’ understanding of retelling stories. ** Black and white version available.
  • Story Retell Activities Include:
    • Understanding Beginning, Middle, and End
      • Students will identify and label a familiar sequence using the word or visual representation for the beginning, middle, and end
    •  Picture Sequence and Retell
      • Students will sequence 3 pictures of a familiar activity and then retell the sequence using the terms beginning, middle, and end
    • Story Sequence and Retell
      • Students will listen to a simple (level 1) or more complex (level 2) story, sequence the pictures for that story, and retell the story using the terms beginning, middle, and end
    • Writing a Retell From Pictures
      • Students will retell a familiar activity by writing about the sequenced pictures
      • A vocabulary and transition word list is provided
    • Flapbook Retell and Writing
      • Level 1-Students will listen to or read the provided story and write a retell of the story on the provided organizer
      • Level 2– Students will use the provided pictures to write their own story with a clear beginning, middle, and end. A retell organizer is also provided.
  • Anchor Charts:  Included in this resource are beginning, middle, and end anchor charts and posters that help your students understand the vocabulary and how to sequence.
  • Graphic Organizers: Included in this resource are story retell graphic organizers that you can use with other academic tasks.

Hear what educators are saying…


This resource was fantastic! I was able to use it with a few different groups of students in first grade after watching the teaching video. They really liked the pictures and the simple, interesting stories. It was easy to move the pieces to the correct spots. I really liked the two levels of stories, so that I could use it with mixed-level groups. I will be able to use this multiple times with the same students, which makes planning really easy! Thanks so much!
— Tricia K.


This resource has been particularly helpful in helping my students understand the vocabulary and concept of beginning middle and end. I used with a small group. They really enjoyed the bright colors, simple pictures, and interesting stories, as well as the video that goes along! That was awesome! Great resource and I highly recommend.
— T.S.G.


Worth every penny, I use this material all the time.
— Jessica M.

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